Sunday, October 5, 2014

Blood and Fur

Outfit details

//vest: Marshalls 
//lace top: Marshalls
//pants: Forever 21
//shoes: H&M

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Newbie Fashion Blogger

OMG! You're here....and I'm finally here with my own fashion/style blog! Let's see where this takes us....

Why me? Writing a fashion/style blog?

10 Reasons:

1. I love to look at other people's individual style then figuring out how to replicate of flip it so that it works for myself and others
2. My friends think I am their personal stylist
3. I love to follow trends
4. People are always complimenting and inquiring about my own fashion finds
5. Why not? I finally have some time on my hands since I'm done with school
6. Even if no one reads it, it will make me happy. BUT I WANT you to read it (so continue on :-)
7. I'm right in my niche when it comes to shopping and styling
8. Literally, RANDOM people walk up to me in fashion stores to ask, "what would you pair with this top?"
9. I seriously have a shopping problem (but I try to look for good deals and statement pieces)
10. If none of the above qualifies me, surely my high school superlative for "Best Dressed" will !

Leave me a comment and let me know what you would like for me to write about. Or even that you just stopped by! 

Chains & Thangs

It's not unusual for my friends to reach for my accessories when we're getting ready to step out.So in an effort to build up her own accessory collection my homegirl Candice  (check out her food blog here) set out to find some fashionable pieces  of her own. Good food, laughs, and shopping....what more could a girl ask for?  Below are some of the pieces that we found along the way plus some.

I can't decide which is my favorite! The floral pink is talking to me. 

Adding statement pieces to your look is a great way to add character and personality.

Look for pieces that would easily bring together your seasonal transition outfits. Chains and layered floral's are pretty popular in stores right now. 

You can never go wrong with faux pearls. I prefer white for a day look and cream for night. 

 I've been following Amrosia on IG and Youtube for years. This choker designed by her is next on my wish list. So edgy and fierce. One of  a kind. You can purchase it on her online store .

I have been searching for an ear cuff high and low. Found this one at Nordstroms Rack. I like it. But the upper clamp doesn't stay on your ear..... so the search will continue.


I like the "I'm still classy" look this necklace gives to the jean button up and pull over sweat shirt.
For a longer neck, you can get away with a chunkier necklace. If you have a shorter neck, less detail on the necklace might be best. Just enough to accent since there already will be enough with this layered look. 

Jazz up a plain t-shirt with a colorful necklace.

Nordstrom Rack

How I Organize

Just recently I added a small vanity into the room (a birthday gift from my mom). And from there I spiraled into this organization frenzy! It's been very therapeutic for me.In today's blog, I just want to share some ideas on how I organized my space. 

1. My drawer was overflowing with shirts. I dreaded opening it. So I dumped the entire drawer, separated the keeps and the donates. Folded the ones I was going to keep and placed them standing up in the drawers. I purchased the spring drawer inserts from Target for $18.99 (2 pack). I've seen them cheaper at Ross or Marshall's though.

2. Originally I kept my jeans rolled up in drawers but they were taking up so much space. I purchased a 3 cubed shelf from Target for about $25.00. I assembled it with a butter knife lol....I didn't have a screw driver at the time...don't judge me. Now I can easily see all of my jeans from dark to light. Plus the shelf matches my bed set perfectly!

3. Closet #1 : I keep purses, shoes, blazers/jackets/hoodies and accessories in this closet. I purchased the over the door shoe rack from Ross for only $20! It is so sturdy without taking up too much space. It holds 36 pairs of shoes. Is it bad that these aren't even all of my shoes? I like this better than cloth or plastic shoe holders with pockets because you can't fit things like heels in them

The entire top rack is used to hold my larger purses. I stuff the purses with news papers or off seasonal clothing (got that tip from my mom). I like this better than stuffing them in a plastic bin where I will forget about them. This way I can still see all of my bags! 

I will eventually re-organize the clothes by type and color. This part of the closet isn't quite complete yet. Also, I am slowly transitioning this closet with the huggable hangers so that I can conserve more spaces and have a uniformed look. It really does make the WORLD of a difference. Plastic hangers reduce your closet space so much.

4. Closet #2: 
Shoes: All boxed shoes I keep on the top rack. I purchased a step ladder to reach them because I'm only 5'4. Last thing I need is an avalanche of shoes falling on me

Hangers: 99% of the closet contains huggable hangers. I originally stuck with the cream color, but later ran into some hot pink. When I find more pink I will move all the pink hangers to closet #1. That way there is only one color per closet. (Ross/Marshall's)

Jewelry: The organizer is from Marshall's. You can pretty much pick them up from anywhere. About $12. I don't know what I did before I owned this. Life saver! 

Winter Boots: For my older boots that do not have boxes anymore, I toss them in the trunk. There is a better way of storing boots so that they don't lose their shape, but I don't want to give up the trunk.

Over the Door Hangers: If you can't tell by now, I am in LOVE with these over the door hangers. You can put so much on them. I keep scarves  jewelry  hats, and my small cross body purses on these. It may look a little chaotic, but trust everything has it's home.

5. Hats & Sunglasses: My hats literally were getting no love! They would be smashed on top of whatever space I could find in my closet. I bought some Post-It hooks from Target  (a pack of 6 or 8 on sale for $3.60).  Placed them on the inside of the closet and here ya go!

Saw the idea for the sunglasses from a Pinterest post! The multi rack hanger was only $6.99 from.....Ross! 

6. Necklaces: used another over the door hanger...

7. Make Up Vanity: Found this vanity on ebay ! Right now it is listed for $114.67. Shipping time was reasonable. I didn't assemble it, so I don't know how many parts it came in or how long it took to put it together. The acrylic storage containers.....LOOOOOOVE! You find a really good selection of organizers in TJ Maxx. Especially now since they have all the back to school stuff out. Of course they also have them in Ross and Marshall's. Pricing anywhere from $4.00- 25.00. Candle from TJ Maxx- $6.00. Marbles for make up brushes  ($2) and  glass candle holder from thrift ($2 )

What are some ways that your organize your space?

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Fashion Reads

What are some of your favorite fashion reads? I'm so old school I suppose because I still enjoy turning the magazine pages with a cup of coffee. Makes me feel like I'm in a scene from a movie. I am definitely an InStyle junkie as you can see. I'm always tearing out pages of outfit combinations I love. Taping them up in my closer or on my wall are great for inspiration when I'm trying to put an outfit together.

Where do you go (online included) to get style inspiration. Shout out your favorite IG fashion pages